One bad chapter does not mean your story is over

One bad chapter does not mean your story is over
Don’t let a bad boss, a bad role or bad employer make you give up on your ambition!
Go for it anyway!
PS – and move on as quickly as possible, don’t linger in a bad role so long you lose your ambition or will to live.
PPS –  and if you have a bully for a boss, colleague or your direct reports are ganging up on you, just get the hell out of there and don’t look back!!
Now, I’d love to hear from you!
Have you ever had a ‘bad’ work experience and how did you overcome this?
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2 thoughts on “One bad chapter does not mean your story is over”

  1. I’ve had my fair share of bad work experiences, from dead end roles to incompetent managers, I’ve felt pretty helpless at times. I know I am in a bad role when I feel like I can’t have a sick day or take a holiday without negative consequences and I can’t enjoy myself or relax after work. Feeling under constant pressure and feeling like you have no support just isn’t sustainable for me. However, these bad experiences have kept me nimble and forced me to look outward for a better role. I’ve sought out new and better opportunities when the existing roles have been rubbish. The bad experiences have made me more resilient and to be decisive with my career planning. Never will I stay in a role that consumes my whole life without any career progression again.

    1. Thanks for commenting Abby! You’re a super star! Its great that you’ve had the strength to move on from poor roles but really you deserve to have a great role/manager/support all the time!

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