I’m Ready Now! Coaching

Beatrice Crocker

Who is Beatrice Crocker ? 

I am so excited to become a coach.  I am studying and practicing to be a coach because I want to help women progress confidently and easily in their careers. I wrote my first book, I’m Ready Now!, to put together a whole range of advice and knowledge I wish I knew 10 years ago, at age 30.  I definitely spent a number of years in career-wilderness wondering why I wasn’t progressing quickly. Now at 40, I’d love the opportunity to work with you to help you become a great leader, progress quickly and fulfil your ambitions.

Coaching and Mentoring Offerings

My coaching focus is on:

  • career coaching with a focus on helping you to progress confidently in your career
  • leadership coaching with a focus on helping you develop a positive and people centric leadership style
  • building career confidence following difficult situations and as you commence new leadership roles
  • brand and reputation repair within your current role

In the future I would like to offer a mentoring programme, my areas of focus will be on:

  • step by step guidance on developing skills to help you gain a promotion
  • step by step guidance through ‘difficult management situations’ – i.e.: preparing and working with managing out poor performers and managing people (and maintaining your own sanity) during retrenchment programmes.

Style and Approach

Notes on my style:   My style as a coach and mentor is to focus on providing you with the most positive, practical and down to earth coaching I can that is totally focussed on what you want to achieve.


For me coaching is all about brining out your strengths and using these to build a fabulous and positive career and life for yourself.

If you are interested in being coached by me, please contact me at [email protected]